Monday, September 1, 2008

What To Expect In My Blog This Season

Last season I was not very faithfull in my blogging. I made a kickass blog in the start, and then forgot all about it. This time im going for the gold. I will create guids for noobs, tell you ways to make money, what to do in WYD, and much more. Just check my blog every day for all the new stuff I will be putting in. Hope You Enjoy It And Have Fun Playing WYD. Its the best game ever.

What I Learned in Season 1 of Journal Event

Season 1 of WYD Journal Event tought me a lot about this game. I learned how to hatch and train pets from the awesome Operator, Soloran. I never new what critical incubation time, hatch time, maturity, and level exactly meant. Now I can tell you exactly how to raise a mount from an egg, and everything else pertaining to a mount.

Then I went and read CoolDude's blog. Wow! how can someone think of so many stories! I loved listening to all the stories about Cooldude, Coolio, etc. I also learned a lot from the other information he had. I learned about creating a God, about the new upgrader event, and about mounts.

After that, I read MSTR-Foema's blog. I now can say that I know of seven things not to do to another Wydian. LOL Nice fake chats MSTR LOL.

Once I was done reading MSTR-Foema's blog, I went right on to claire's blog. Damn, she was full of info. I started out with the hidden ruin angels. I knew just about nothing about them. Now I know what they do and how they help you gain money and protection emblems. Next, I read all about the mechanics of Channel Wars and the benefits of winning them. After that, I learned about what it takes to kill the Kephra Monster and all that is involved and about the best skills for all classes. Now I see why celestials are so good and powerfull also. Finally, I learned some good ways to make gold.

I cruised right on over to Yu-Gi-Oh's blog and i was amazed by that awesome screenshot of all the laks. I did'nt realize how many laks you could win in the event. DAMN!!!

And thank you SultanJohor for the 10 things to do for a TK. I just created a new Tk and it really helps. I agree with you a hundred percent on everything. :}

I also want to say that Tuta's guide to not being scammed is very helpfull. I hear of people almost everyday that have been hacked or scammed and now I know why and how to prevent that from happening to me.

I now have some more insight on Gods and Celestials daily life in the game thanks to wickedness. I think its kinda cool what they do and it makes me want to become a God. I've been playing for a long time, but I keep getting dudes to 300 and then I get bored of them and create another one. This time I gotta level my Tk to a God. Wish Me Luck LOL.

And DAMN Alia I didn't know you were so against TAX KEEPERS!!! LOL

Nice Commics NewbCake.

Well that Is what I learned from the triumphant winners of WYD JOURNAL EVENT SEASON 1 hopefully it will make me a better player in the game.